Scottie from Marketing Vs Hot Albo Vs the invisible man Vs Fat Clive

With a Federal election likely in early May we will probably face a long summer of political campaigning.

Most pundits seem convinced that after the electorate rejected a policy heavy pitch from Bill Shorten at the last election, we won’t be seeing much of policy substance this time around. So, if it’s a ‘froth and bubble’ election how are the parties lining up in the shallow end of the pool?

Here’s my take:

Scottie from Marketing – The power of the three word slogan. We’ve already had ‘choices not mandates’ ‘technology not taxes’ and who could forget ‘can-do Capitalism’. You can tell why he sticks to three, with one more word you get ‘Its not a race’ and that didn’t go so well.

Hot Albo – The power of a log cabin story. Everyone knows that Albo grew up in public housing raised by a single mum. Does that make him a better leader? It may make him more relatable – especially if he can get the whole story into three words.

The invisible Adam Bandt – The power of alternative. For a party that was for years synonymous with Bob Brown, The Greens are faceless this time around. It won’t matter to inner city voters who are too class conscious to vote ALP, but too cool to vote conservative.

Fat Clive – The power of NO for billionaire Queenslander Clive Palmer and the United Australia Party. The only Australian to put a serious effort into buying an election by appealing to Australia’s ‘deplorables’. Clive will primarily act as a spoiler in Queensland for the ALP and will buy a lot of influence along the way.

So will Clive’s billions buy him an election, or just buy another Coalition government? Is three words too much? What do all the log cabins in parliament mean for climate change?

What do you think?

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