Media Relations

Crackle has worked with journalists on behalf of its clients for many years and has a deep understanding of both traditional and social media. From issues and crisis management, to building journalist relationships and a social media presence we have the network and experience to deliver. 

Communications & Media Training

Over the last decade Crackle has developed practical workshops specifically tailored to the needs of lawyers and other professionals. The workshops and coaching sessions build practical skills to understand storytelling dynamics, develop purposeful key messages, influence the agenda in interviews and manage risk in the media.

Strategic Communications

Crackle works works side-by-side with senior leadership of all its clients to align communications with overall business strategy. Whether the goal is influencing share price, key stakeholders, brand perception or staff attitudes, Crackle works with its clients to develop messaging Q&A and its delivery. We understand the dynamics of communications and when to shout and when to whisper. 

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